Egyptian Jewelry From Lele Sadoughi

Lele Sadoughi Jewelry Egyptian Jewelry From Lele Sadoughi

Lele Sadoughi Jewelry is a brand focused on upscale costume jewelry.   The lines inspiration comes from travel, art and is set with genuine stones, and hand-painted enamels.   The designer of the line Lisa “Lele” Sadoughi started the J.Crew jewelry line in 2006 and has also was director of design at Tory Burch.  Although her pieces look quite expensive, they are quite affordable.

“We all must wear a top, pants, and shoes, but we never need to wear jewels,” designer Lisa “Lele” Sadoughi tells “We want to wear jewels, so why not make it memorable?”

Her Spring offerings reinterpretations of the Egyptian revival in the 1920’s using bold colors and strong
geometric shapes. “I looked back into the beginning of costume jewelry in the 1920’s, when we started to make jewels that were art-inspired, and not necessarily reproductions of precious gems,” she explained
during a market appointment. “I am fascinated with the Egyptian revival in the Art Deco period, when King Tut’s tomb was discovered.”

Lele’s pieces, through her many design house collaborations, have been featured in InStyle, Marie Claire, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Dallas Magazine among many others.

Lele Sadoughi black and white scepter necklace Egyptian Jewelry From Lele Sadoughi

A black and white Scepter Necklace From Lele Sadoughi Jewelry

Lele Sadoughi Jewelry2 Egyptian Jewelry From Lele Sadoughi

Chain Tassel Necklace From Lele Sadoughi Jewelry

Sundial Necklace 500x563 Egyptian Jewelry From Lele Sadoughi

Sundial Necklace From Lele Sadoughi Jewelry

Six Celebs We Love for Their Fashion Sense

Emma Watson Vogue 2008 500x687 Six Celebs We Love For Their Fashion Sense

Emma Watson, Vogue 2008

The public takes its fashion cues from celebrities. Since A-listers have access to the newest fashion collections before they are available in stores, their choices influence what their fans will want to buy when the clothes make it to mass retailers.

Kate Middleton has impressed the entire world with her classy, feminine sense of style. She manages to look demure without ever looking stuffy or older than she is. She single-handedly made wrap dresses popular again when she wore a navy blue one in her engagement photo. Her lace-accented wedding gown inspired the lace dresses that are currently popular. Her massive collection of tailored coats sparked a demand for long coats that have cinched waists.

Emma Watson emerged as a style icon while she was still a teenager. She favors the subtle designs of the Chanel house. She is also often seen in ethereal, flowing fabrics. Her casual wardrobe includes fashionable custom made scarves and short jackets.

Diane Kruger has a very unique sense of style. She is that rare woman who can wear couture creations that would make lesser women look foolish. Her porcelain beauty provides the perfect contrast for the angular silhouettes that she favors. She is always one of the brightest stars at the Cannes Film Festival, where her penchant for over-the-top fashion is encouraged and celebrated.

Zooey Deschanel is the perfect fashion icon for women who want to have fun with clothes. She does not take fashion seriously. Instead, she uses her clothes to enhance her adorable, quirky persona. Her style is easy to imitate. A-line dresses flatter nearly every body shape, and headbands instantly add a girlish effect. Zooey prefers flat shoes to heels, another aspect of her style that makes her look accessible.

Andrew Garfield may seem like an unlikely fashion icon, but he balances hipster tastes with maturity quite nicely. He wears slim-fitting casual pants with blazers and professional-looking shoes. He is an example of how a young man can ease into adulthood without sacrificing his identity.

Nina Dobrev is the beautiful star of The Vampire Diaries. She has made a name for herself in fashion circles by choosing risky prints and complementing her olive complexion with bright neons. She wears simple cuts that show off her slim figure. She has a good eye for styling as well; she leaves her hair in loose waves for casual dresses, and she pulls it back in tight updos to mimic the sharp lines of edgier gowns. Nina is perhaps the most exciting starlet to watch right now. Hopefully she will continue to make interesting sartorial choices for the length of her career.

Diane Krugers Black Necklace 500x641 Six Celebs We Love For Their Fashion Sense

Diane Kruger’s Black Necklace

Celebrites 2 500x903 Six Celebs We Love For Their Fashion Sense

Celebrity Women Six Celebs We Love For Their Fashion Sense

Jewelry Celebrities Prefer To Wear

W Magazine September 2012 Penelope Cruz 500x660 Jewelry Celebrities Prefer To Wear
W Magazine, September 2012 Penelope Cruz

Often, celebrities strut the red carpet for movie premieres and other events in jewelry that costs several thousand dollars from brands such as Gucci, Louboutin, Prada and others. Now however, there is a trend of affordable items with no shortage of luxury. This is encouraging for people who are interested in looking like they’re a celebrity without breaking the bank. Bring Glitz To Your FingersMusician Kat Deluna recently showed her devotion for the Chelsea Taylor jewelry brand when she attended a digital book launch in Manhattan. The cocktail ring featured a leopard print pattern and was also accented with Swarovski crystals. Although it certainly looked glamorous, its retail price was only $191, so it’s certainly well within the reach of many fashion enthusiasts, and you can become inspired by Kat’s fashion choices, too.

Celebrity Jewelry Reproductions

If you can’t afford to buy directly from the manufacturer, Search to see if you can find a home based jewelry business that may specialize in making faithful reproductions of iconic celebrity pieces. For example, when Prince William became engaged to Kate Middleton, he gave her a lovely deep blue ring with a very large stone. Within weeks of their engagement, several companies were offering imitations of the jewelry so that people could pay tribute to the couple in their own way. Bracelet IdeasAlso, “Real Housewives of New Jersey” television star Teresa Guidice habitually loves dazzling baubles, but surprisingly she recently walked the red carpet in a $40 bracelet from a company called Original Designs. The company specializes in reasonably priced accessories sterling silver in gold, stainless steel, and even crystal. Some of the pieces are a hundred dollars or less, making easy to freshen up your own jewelry collection while feeling like a celebrity in your own way.Suggestions for NecklacesSocialite and reality television star Tinsley Mortimer has been spotted wearing necklaces designed by Patricia Brown. The jewelry company has also caught the eye of other celebrities, but offers a full range of reasonably priced suggestions ranging from the understated to the extremely glamorous.

Actress Shu Qi portrays luxury on Bazaar 500x642 Jewelry Celebrities Prefer To Wear

Actress Shu Qi portrays luxury on Bazaar

Be Your Own Person

It’s also worthwhile to check through the offerings of a home based jewelry business to see if they have any pieces that carefully straddle the line between what a celebrity has worn, and something that appeals to your own personality. Dressing like a celebrity can indeed be fun and rewarding, but it’s not a reason to sacrifice your own personal style.Designer Clothing and Accessory RentalsIf you want to look like a star for an evening but don’t want the financial commitment, consider signing up for a clothing rental website. The website Bag, Borrow or Steal is just one such option, and it allows you to rent attire and jewelry for a weekly, monthly or seasonal fee. This is a great idea if you’re the type of person who never wants to get caught wearing the same thing twice, or if you’ve always had a flair for creative expression through the items that you wear. Some of these types of rental clubs also offer free shipping and even include a complimentary cleaning after you’ve returned the item to the warehouse. Think of it like Netflix, but for jewelry and clothing. Regardless of your budget or fashion aspirations, you can find jewelry that helps you look great and brings out your inner celebrity, as well

Planning to start your own business? Visit Home Based Jewelry Business which specializes in Home Jewelry Business.

Why Links of London Are Still The Market Leaders

2680 watch over me 18ct gold ring image 500x500 Why Links of London Are Still The Market Leaders

Having been in the industry for a little over twenty years now, it can confidently be said that Links of London are aware of everything that is involved in the world of fashion and jewellery. The company consists of quite a number of internationally acclaimed designers who have devoted their time and expertise in coming up with high quality designs. You will always get something unique with Links and many of these designs happen to be ideal for any occasion. Their wide range of products available for men, women and children should provide you with a decent variety to choose from. The fact that their products are genuine and are of high quality should help in reassuring you to buy as many items as possible.

Links of London are still an iconic jewellery brand that have successfully captured the spirits and hearts of people from all corners of the world. Their jovial and flashy designs will keep you coming back for more as you just can’t have enough. Their striking collections will captivate you in a unique way that no other jewellery collector can. It all comes down to the experience that they have in the industry which has helped them to master the art of coming up with high quality designs.

The items made by Links of London are not only ideal for personal collections but can also be great items for gifts. You can pick out any of their imaginative designs and surprise that special person in your life. You can be sure that this is a gift that will always be remembered. The creators behind the Links collections have been known to consistently use the finest materials for each and every design. This helps them to stand out from the rest as very few firms are able to adhere to such high standards when it comes to quality.

The fact that they make their items with various forms of materials is another influential factor as to their professional prowess. Very few people can make jewellery using various forms of precious stones and creative crafts while at the same time maintaining a consistent high quality standard. These are just a few of the proven qualities that the company uses to set itself apart from the rest of the pack. With Links of London, you can be sure that you will always get a high quality jewellery piece that will make you the envy of many.

bracelet 500x500 Why Links of London Are Still The Market Leaders

It gets even better as despite the fact that the company uses a combination of various precious stones, they are still able to price their items quite affordably. You can now buy more than one item from the store as their pocket friendly prices will save you from any financial constraint. It’s also advisable to constantly check back at the store as they’re constantly updating their stock of items with new and more vivid designs. The company has pioneered plenty of high profile products and buying from them comes with plenty of periodic incentives hence you have every reason to stick with Links.

How to Choose the Best Pearls

HANDMADE PEARL CUFF DIAMOND .925 SILVER DESIGNER BANGLE From Mettlle 500x500 How to Choose the Best Pearls

Handmade Pearl Cuff Diamond .925 Silver Designer Bangle From Mettlle

Pearls are very beautiful and popular in the jewelry world. Although they are present in many pieces of jewelry, it can often be hard to know how if you are choosing the best pearls. If you are planning on purchasing some pearls, you should familiarize yourself with them prior to purchase. Learning a little about their origin and characteristics will allow you to choose the best pearls.

The Origin of Pearls

In order to choose the best pearls, you should become a bit familiar with them. First of all, a pearl is formed within the body of an oyster or other small mollusk. This formation takes place when an irritant of some sort enters the mollusk’s body or shell. Whether this irritant is a parasite, a grain of sand, or something else, the mollusk reacts by creating a hard, protective layer of material around it. This protective material is known as nacre and is made up of calcium carbonate. The nacre will continue to grow, layer by layer, until a pearl is formed. Pearls can be found in both freshwater and saltwater mollusks.

Types of Pearls

There are two main types of pearls available. Most pearls on the market today are cultured pearls. Cultured pearls are created and tended to by humans. To form cultured pearls, humans actually place an irritant inside the shell of a mollusk to instigate the pearl growing process. Once the irritant is introduced, the mollusk begins to grow layers of calcium carbonate around it. Natural pearls are the other main type of pearls. They are formed randomly in nature and are much less common than cultured pearls. These pearls are rare because an irritant must lodge itself within the mollusk, instead of a person doing so. Because natural pearls are uncommon, they are much more expensive than cultured pearls. Now that you know a little about pearls, you can learn how to choose the best.

Pearls with JFK Jr How to Choose the Best PearlsPearls with JFK Jr

Choosing the Best Pearls

The first thing you want to look for when choosing pearls is their luster. Luster is the sheen and iridescence of the pearls’ surface and is determined by how the layers of nacre absorb and reflect light. The better the sheen and iridescence of the pearls, the more high quality they are. Color is another factor to take into consideration when choosing pearls. There are light pearls, which generally come in tones of white and ivory. Light colored pearls can also be found with rose or silver overtones, making them more desirable to many. There are also dark pearls, which are usually black with green or blue overtones. Dark pearls are much rarer than light pearls, which makes them more valuable as well. You should know that pearls can actually be dyed to many colors too. The shape of pearls is also important. The best pearls will be perfectly symmetrical with a smooth surface that is free of imperfections. Symmetrical pearls can be found in various shapes including round, oval, or tear drop. The size of pearls can also make a difference in their value. Larger pearls are obviously harder to grow, making them more scarce and valuable. It should also be known that pearls are graded on their quality and appearance. Because the grading system can vary greatly, it is best to ask your jeweler to find out the details.

The Bottom Line

To choose the best pearls, first examine their luster and ask about their grade. These are the main factors that must be taken into consideration if you want the best pearls. Next, make sure all the pearls on the piece of jewelry are symmetrical and similar in appearance. If you choose colored pearls, be sure to find out their origin. Your budget will also greatly impact the pearls you choose. Cultured pearls are much more common than natural pearls, making them more affordable. If price is no object, you can choose the best natural pearls money can buy.

Now that you know some general information on them, you should be able to choose the best pearls. Just remember to shop around at various jewelers before making a decision. This will allow you to see the many different choices of pearls available.

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Elizabeth Gage 500x647 How to Choose the Best Pearls

Top 5 Celebrity Jewelry Lines

Bangle Bracelets by Padma Lakshmi Jewelry 500x369 Top 5 Celebrity Jewelry Lines

Celebrities are rarely content these days just being on the stage or the silver screen. Whether it’s creating a line of food products, like the iconic Paul Newman, perfumes, like Elizabeth Taylor, museum-quality paintings like Tony Bennett, or anything else from furniture to fashion, celebs seem to seek a variety of outlets for their creative urges going far beyond just being entertainers. Jewelry is one of those outlets and it should be no surprise that individuals who spend a hefty chunk of their personal fortunes accessorizing and creating a “Look” with stunning jewelry, would have some definite ideas about what jewelry people should be wearing.

Here are five lines from some of the top celebs that should become as well-known as their creators.

1. Actress Angelina Jolie has become as well- known for her many philanthropic contributions, including her role as a United Nations Ambassador, as she has for her achievements in films. Adding to her accomplishments, she has now co-created her own line of jewelry as a joint project with jeweler Robert Procop. As might be expected, all proceeds from the sales of the pieces will be donated to the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, Jolie’s foundation in partnership with her husband, Brad Pitt. The foundation benefits children who are the victims of violent national conflict or natural disasters.

2. Another celeb with a social conscience, as well as a creative bent, is Motown goddess Gladys Knight. The R&B icon has been known for her style and class as a performer as well as her philanthropy, and her jewelry line is a gorgeous collection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. The pieces include semi-precious stones, as well as hand-crafted beads made by West-African artisans and craft cooperatives. The beads are made from recycled components and Knight said she is happy to be able to employ poverty-stricken crafters in a way that is also environmentally-friendly.

3. Actress Jayne Seymour didn’t stop with a jewelry collection, and has her name on furniture and other home décor as well. Her jewelry pieces are known for a clean and simple beauty and for being designed with a touching symbolism in mind as well. Her Open Hearts line was inspired by Seymour’s own painting titled Healing Hands, and she says it represents the idea that if one’s heart is always open it will never stay broken. The line includes sterling silver pieces as well as other, pricier versions, rendered in gold and diamonds.

4. The beautiful Padma Lakshmi has been a star on the runway as well as a cookbook author and the host of Top Chef, a popular cooking competition. Now she can add the title of jewelry designer to her portfolio. Her collection, called simply Padma, was inspired by her love of cooking and her Indian heritage, with featured design elements taken from seeds and pods like cardamom and cloves. Padma’s high-end line will feature necklaces, wide cuff bracelets and rings in 10K and 14K gold and can be found at Bergdorf Goodman – definitely not for the average shopper.

5. No one will be surprised to hear that the ubiquitous Kardashian women also have several lines of high-fashion jewelry on the shelves at Nordstrom’s. This is another high-end collection, with designs in gold, diamonds and platinum. Jewelry pieces are inspired by antique Armenian religious icons, offering a nod to the ladies’ ethnic heritage. The collection is categorized in sub-sets like “Black and White,” and “Signature,” and include a Bridal Bar collection. In addition, Kardashian sister Kim has her own line called Belle Noel, which features designs with a strong Egyptian influence.

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Denise Hill is an avid blogger for NetQin, writing on a variety of topics.

Belle 500x452 Top 5 Celebrity Jewelry Lines

Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian

2 500x405 Top 5 Celebrity Jewelry Lines

Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian

padma lakshmi bracelets 500x482 Top 5 Celebrity Jewelry Lines

Padma Lakshmi Jewelry

1 500x500 Top 5 Celebrity Jewelry Lines

Robert Procop Angelina Jolie  Jewelry

Robert Procop Angelina Jolie Jewelry 500x405 Top 5 Celebrity Jewelry Lines

Robert Procop Angelina Jolie Jewelry

Elizabeth Taylor's Amazing Jewelry Collection

Elizabeth Taylors Barquerolles choker a gift from Richard Burton Elizabeth Taylors Amazing Jewelry Collection

Elizabeth Taylor's Barquerolles choker, A Gift From Richard Burton

The Van Cleef & Arpels diamond necklace was bought when Elizabeth Taylor became a grandmother at the age of 39. Richard Burton gave her the necklace and said, “Wow! You are so beautiful; nobody is going to believe you’re a grandmother.‟

The Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Auction was the most valuable private collection ever offered at an auction, and also became the most valuable sale of jewelry in auction history! The Elizabeth Taylor diamond is the most famous of her jewelry. A ring set with a diamond that weighs approximately 33.19 carats. The five-day auction at Christie’s, fetched an incredible sum of 153 million dollars. Over 190 pieces of jewelry were auctioned at the Elizabeth Taylor’s collection at Christies, and in the end everything was sold! The rest of the collection you can see more jewelery in detail at Christies.

An Antique Amethyst Cameo Diamond Cabochon Ruby And Gold Pendant Necklace 9600 Elizabeth Taylors Amazing Jewelry Collection

An Antique Amethyst Cameo Diamond Cabochon Ruby And Gold Pendant Necklace $9,600

Elizabeth Taylor Christies Earrings Coral and Amethyst Earrings by Van Cleef and Arpels Elizabeth Taylors Amazing Jewelry Collection

Elizabeth Taylor Christies Earrings Coral and Amethyst Earrings by Van Cleef and Arpels